Our Industries

Premier Employee Solutions’ mission is to provide the best service possible to our clients, potential clients, and employees hoping to work for our clients! We specialize in hard to place industries; these jobs are essential to the economy and we believe you shouldn’t have to work harder, pay higher work comp rates, or sacrifice profits due to potential risk. Our reward is knowing a partnership with PES provides a WIN-WIN situation for everyone involved!

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Medical and Health Care

Taking care of others should be your first priority; from finding the right staff for these important jobs to ensuring clients only have to worry about providing quality care, PES has you covered!



Whether a short or long-term project, PES can provide the people and payroll services to ensure success.

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Hotels, restaurants, conference centers, and concerts are just a few of the venues we cover. Let us help you ensure your event is extra special; from the people working the event to the after-party, we have you covered.



We’ve got you covered; in addition to general facility upkeep and light maintenance, we are also able to staff and cover hazardous waste management.



Premier offers employees and employers the tools needed to GROW!


Property Maintenance

Your investment is our investment. Quality workers and protection for your property is our #1 Priority!



Whether you are looking for work in general construction or employ workers for electrical, plumbing, carpentry, welding, etc., PES is here to lend a helping hand.


Warehouse/Light Industrial

Boxes, blowtorches or backhoes, PES safety programs ensure employees and clients have the best training as well as back-office support.

Work With Us

Contact our office to see how we can help improve the way you do business.