Comprehensive Government and Tax Compliance Services

Protect Your Small Business And Bottom Line

It’s not the first thing you think of when you get into business, but if you’re hit with a compliance penalty or fear its likelihood, the suffocating stress is enough to overwhelm you.

You don’t have to drown in this fear. Premier Employee Solutions government and small business tax compliance services take the stress out of complying with small business reporting standards.

To safeguard your company, we ensure that you know what’s required of you and what you must do to fulfill these obligations. This is predicated on sound record keeping and timely tax reporting.

With our government and tax compliance services, completing your compliance forms accurately is not only pain- and stress-free, but done in a timely manner. Focus your efforts on running your business and let an experienced tax consultant manage the intricacies of government and small business tax compliance.

Unemployment Claims Management

We’ll carefully review claims, submit protests where appropriate, attend hearings, and audit unemployment reports for accuracy. Our prompt and professional claims management process is an effective way to keep your unemployment tax rates as low as possible.

Sales taxes require constant monitoring, auditing and correcting. Premier Employee Solutions provides unparalleled sales tax services to fit an ever-evolving economy and changing regulations.


Maximized Sales Tax Revenue
Accurate Multi-year Forecasts

Lower unemployment costs through claims management, benefit charge audit, and hearings support from Premier Employee Solutions.
Unemployment insurance (UI) is designed to provide workers who have been laid off with a weekly income during short periods of unemployment. The system is run and funded by state and federal taxes paid by employers. Most unemployment taxes are calculated based on employer size, the amount the organization has paid into the system and the UI benefits collected by former employees, a method known as “experience rating.”